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Traffic signals take on a sinister, beguiling light in new photo series

What lurks beyond the light?

Night shot of three traffic lights emanating rainbow-like rays over an empty street.
The photos were taken in Weimar, Germany.
Photos by Lucas Zimmermann via Designboom

Who knew that the humble, utilitarian traffic light could look so haunting—and beguiling? As seen through the lens of Lucas Zimmermann, they take on an otherworldly aspect, their red, yellow, and green lights casting an altogether ghostly aura that emanates like a very basic rainbow in a dark, foggy sky.

The Weimar, Germany-based photographer is self-taught and began the series over two years ago, taking to the streets at night and training his camera on what are normally overlooked and under-appreciated objects. But with a little magic, he has manipulated them into tableaus that suggest something sinister.

The empty streets are visible just as far as the signals’ rays’ reach, exposing bare trees and minimal side-of-the-road landscaping. But beyond that, who knows what lurks? Take a look and dare to wonder.

Via: Designboom