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Ikea launches first collection for pets

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Breaking mews: It’s pawsome

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Ikea’s collection for pets Ikea Canada via Designboom

At last, Ikea has launched a line of furniture and accessories designed for the comfort and enjoyment of pets. The collection, called Lurvig (which means “hairy” in Swedish), includes a range of dog beds, leashes, bowls, cat hideouts, and toys designed in collaboration with veterinarians to balance aesthetic considerations with the needs and inclinations of household pets.

A number of items are pet-friendly riffs on existing Ikea designs: There’s a pet couch which folds out into a larger bed, much like the classic Solsta sofa; a cube-shaped cat house designed as an insert into the Kallax shelving unit; and a pet bed made with classic particle board that can be tucked away beneath most human-sized bed frames.

The most compelling item may be the standalone cat house with a textured scratching panel—designed to look and function like a modern side table. Also clever is the cat-scratching mat designed to be strapped around a table leg (perhaps saving your couch from the ravages of claws).

Cat house with pad, $10.98
Pet house on legs with mat, $54.98
Scratching mat, $5.99

“It is quite important for Ikea to have a pet range that fits into our normal furniture range,” said Barbara Schäfer, Ikea’s Product Risk Assessment Leader who led the veterinary partnership. “As a pet owner I can say, so far, the normal pet products are quite ugly.”

The collection is now showing up on Ikea’s website, but will be sold in stores only; Lurvig will not be available at Ikea locations in Carson, California, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore. The collection is also launching in Canada, France, and Japan this year, followed by the U.K. in early 2018.

Cat/dog bed, $49.99
Pet bed with pad, $27.98

Via: Designboom