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Prefab micro apartment occupies the space of a single parking spot

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Tikku’s footprint measure 8.2 feet by 16.4 feet

Skinny timber three-story building rises in a busy city square.
Tikkus is as bare-bones as it gets: with just solar power and a dry toilet.
Via: Designboom

Casagrande Laboratory, a multidisciplinary architecture practice based in Helsinki, Finland, has completed Tikku, a three-story micro-apartment building, in a square there.

With a footprint of just 8.2 feet by 16.4 feet, or about the size of a single parking space, Tikku is a bare-bones sustainable building constructed from cross-laminated timber (CLT) “spatial modules” that can be erected overnight.

Touted as a “safe-house for neo-archaic biourbanism,” Tikku offers a minimum of creatures comforts, including energy generated from solar panels and dry toilets. Everything else—showers, laundry, and food, to name a few—can be found outside the home, eliminating the need for plumbing and a kitchen.

Still, Tikku acts as a private refuge in the middle of any city. And because it’s made from a material, CLT, that is five times lighter than reinforced concrete, it can be upped and moved at a moment’s notice. Constructing on a normal street also means that a traditional foundation is not needed, only a sandbox to balance the building. What’s more, CLT is thick enough to insulate the home, even in the winter, without the need for extra insulation.

In the prototype, Tikku is divided into three sections—a bedroom on the first floor, an office on the second, and a greenhouse on the top floor—but has the potential to be arranged in any number of functions. Have a look.

Via: Designboom