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Charming tiny house comes with a greenhouse and porch

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But does having a second trailer for those amenities become antithetical to the tiny living movement?

tiny house with greenhouse and porch Olive Nest Tiny Homes via Treehugger

If a love of gardening and porch swings was the only thing keeping you from embracing the tiny house lifestyle, you’re in luck. A new model from Olive Nest Tiny Homes—The Elsa—comes outfitted with a second trailer that hooks up to the main house trailer, adding a greenhouse and porch. Of course, it means that transporting the complete abode will either require two cars or two trips, but no one’s living in a tiny house for their abundant convenience, right?

Greenhouse or no greenhouse, the Elsa is still a thoughtfully crafted home, clocking in at 323 square feet. The layout is excellent. An airy entry into the main lounging area features a full-sized couch (that can pull out into another bed) and chair. There’s also a full-sized range and fridge in the galley kitchen, opposite a skinny bar table that can swing out to accommodate four for a meal—if you use very small plates. A set of storage-hiding steps leads up to a loft bed with dormer windows on each side. Beneath the loft is the bathroom and more storage.

Tempted? The Elsa is currently listed for $81,000.

Via: Treehugger