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16th-century Italian monastery transformed into lush creative hub

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creative hub made in monastery Alberto Strada via Architectural Digest

The design hotbed that is Milan, Italy, just got a little hotter with the opening of Six Gallery—a new creative hub that includes a design gallery, florist, and bistro in a renovated 16th-century former monastery. The building’s simple architecture took center stage in the renovation, exposing structural brickwork that was painted dark gray. A series of ancient arched windows have also been restored.

Alberto Strada via The Spaces
Alberto Strada via The Spaces

The renovation was designed by architects Fanny Bauer Grung and David Lopez Quincoces, who are also curating the hub’s exhibition space, Six Gallery. The duo have selected pieces ranging from older collector’s items to the work of young contemporary designers. They’ve also moved their architectural practice, Quincoces-Dragò & Partners, into the building.

Alberto Strada via Architectural Digest

Visitors enter into a plant-filled courtyard giving off onto the spaces for the gallery, bistro, and florist shop. The resident florist, Irene Cuzzaniti, selected the many plants found throughout the building—from large palms in the bistro to the tall grasses, ferns, and flowers that give the other spaces a soothing vibe. The space was also designed with photo shoots in mind, and will be available as a set and event space. The bistro, Sixieme, opened at the end of September.

Via: The Spaces, Architectural Digest