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Floating tent lets you camp on water

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A new kind of waterbed

The Shoal Tent by Smith Fly floats on water and retails for $1,499.
All photos courtesy of Smith Fly

Falling asleep to the sounds of a bubbling creek or ocean waves is one of the best ways to get a good night’s sleep, but we’ve never actually camped on the water. That could change with the Shoal Tent, an inflatable floating raft that comes with a tent topper.

Built to let water lovers camp on ponds, spring creeks, or eddies on calm rivers, the Shoal Tent uses a raft body with three air chambers and a six-inch high pressure floor that doubles as an air mattress. Like other inflatable tents, there aren’t any tent poles. Instead, campers inflate the tent with a floor pump—you could also use an air compressor—and secure the heavy-duty topper to the raft with hooks and loop closures.

Zippered window and door panels are similar to other normal tents, the inflated tent provides about 6’3” of headspace, and you can squeeze up to four people in its eight by eight footprint.

Made by Smith Fly, the Shoal Tent packs down into a burrito roll style storage bag. It costs $1,499 and comes with the storage bag, patch kit, and manual foot pump.

What do you think? Would you sleep in the Shoal Tent?