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Concrete, house-shaped outlet brings Brutalism to your desk

To add to your concrete collection

Small house-shaped outlet extension made from concrete on a table next to sunglasses and keys.
It’s called Hearth and warms as it supplies power.
Photos via Hand & Craft

Love it or hate it, concrete seems to be having a moment in the home accessories department. Regardless of the question of the utility of a concrete espresso machine, it’s obvious that an object made from concrete certainly possesses a look.

For something a little less imposing and technical, and, well, practical, here’s a handmade power supply unit from Rockford, Michigan-based Hand and Craft made from concrete and shaped like a small house.

It’s called Hearth and includes an electrical outlet and two USB ports. While supplying power, it also emanates warmth, making it a whimsical (and warming) addition to any desktop or room. Its heft would also make for a wonderful Brutalist paperweight. Pair it with this sculptural vase, and you’ll have a veritable concrete jungle in your midst.

The company also offers power supplies made from iron, marble, and two encased in wood and a leather satchel. Take a look right over here.

Via: Design Milk