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Glass walkway in China ups the ante with glass-cracking effect


glass walkway in China Photo via Archinect

China’s on a roll with utterly terrifying walkways. First, there was the world’s longest glass bridge, the world’s tallest bridge, then that rope-and-tires thing, and now there’s a glass walkway—clinging to a cliffside—designed to look like it’s cracking. But why? Was the real-glass-bridge cracking scare that entertaining?

Behold, the East Taiheng Glasswalk. Located in Hubei province, the transparent walkway stretches some 872 feet long and features thick glass offering a safe thrill and a great view. That is, until you get to the end, where a set of floor panels have been replaced with special screens and sensors, which detect the steps of unsuspecting tourists and triggers the sights and sounds of imminent death:

Cruel, no?

Via: Archinect, Telegraph