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Best vintage design gems from #DesignArchives so far

One hashtag, so many goodies

Fort Worth history pamphlets.
Fort Worth history pamphlets.

Aah, October, a time for fall sales, Halloween prep, and design delights? Indeed, it’s apparently American Archives Month, and to celebrate, a bunch of archives around the U.S. are sharing their best design blasts from the past on social media, covering everything from architecture to furniture design to typography.

The brainchild of Jennifer Whitlock, Archivist at the Vignelli Center for Design Studies at Rochester Institute of Technology, #Designarchives has so far seen contributions from places like The New School, Chicago Public Library, University of California, Berkeley, and Herman Miller.

Already, we got to peep old photos of the 1963-built Case Study House #26 (most recently on the market in August 2015), an inflatable structure from 1948, elevations drawings of the Golden Gate Bridge, and much more.

We’ll update this post throughout the month, so be sure to check back for the latest and greatest. Or follow along yourself with the hashtag #DesignArchives on Twitter and Instagram.