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How to make the most of a 600-square-foot apartment

Designed by Vancouver-based Anthill Studios

Shot of kitchen and part of living room with built-in birch plywood storage all throughout.
The 600-square-foot even includes a flexible guest room.
Photos via Design Milk

Local firm Anthill Studios has helped a couple overhaul a 600-square-foot condo in Vancouver’s Olympic Village, with maximizing storage and the efficient use of space the clients’ biggest priorities.

Along with the couple, who had very clear ideas of what they wanted, even teaching themselves how to use various architecture, design, and visualization software programs, Anthill designed a “complete millwork package” made from birch plywood that encompasses everything from built-in cabinetry to sliding doors to a Murphy bed.

Together, they took advantage of every square inch of the layout, which surprisingly comprises a lot: a bedroom, sunroom, living room, dining room, a kitchen, bathroom, and an office that doubles as a guest room. Pocket doors allows the couple to work at home together but in different zones, while also keeping an open layout when needed.

The transforming home employs fold-down benches, afore-mentioned Murphy beds, concealed storage, integrated nooks, and many more neat tricks to maximize space and allow for flexible living. Have a look.

Via: Design Milk