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Tile design uses optical illusion to slow people down

The floor entices visitors to look twice at the showroom of tile company Casa Ceramica

optical illusion on tile flooring Photo via ArchDaily

There’s just something fascinating about optical illusions in architecture, whether they’re eye-popping murals, clever cut-outs, or paste-on coverings. The British tile company Casa Ceramica created their own in a part of their showroom, designed to stop people right in their tracks.

From the showroom entrance, the black-and-white floor appears to undulate, sinking several feet below surface level in an enormous dent to one side of the hall. But it’s all a trick of the eye. The company’s designers created the floor to get people to pay attention as they walked as well as push the expectations of how tile can be used.

Some 400 ceramic tiles were custom designed and meticulously installed to create the effect. Thankfully, it only works when entering the building.

Via: ArchDaily