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Meetings in a treehouse? Microsoft employees can do that now

Pretty cool!

treehouse on Microsoft campus All photos via Microsoft

Tech companies have a reputation for amenities-filled offices offering everything from free food to slides and ball pits. Now, Microsoft, which has the distinct asset of a headquarters sited on 500 woodsy acres in the Pacific Northwest, has put a whimsical “wellness”-focused spin on the whole thing by building real treehouses for its employees.

Designed by Pete Nelson of the Animal Planet show Treehouse Masters, the first completed treehouse is elevated 12 feet above the ground and features charred-wood walls, a round skylight, hand-carved arched double door, farmhouse table, box benches, and, of course, Wi-Fi and outlets. A blog post announcing the project calls it “more Hobbit than HQ, with cinnamon-colored shingles and a gingerbread-house feel.”

This meeting room is one of three new treehouse workspaces in Microsoft’s growing network of “technology-enabled outdoor districts,” driven by the idea that exposure to nature helps employees stay relaxed, focused, and creative.

Via: Fast Company