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This souped-up scooter was designed for the elderly

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A cross between a granny cart and a kick scooter

A scooter with storage compartment in the front standing next to an elderly couple sitting outside at a cafe.
The Scooter For Life helps facilitate mobility and encourages more physical activity.
Photos via Dezeen

A cross between a granny cart and a kick scooter, the “Scooter For Life” was designed by London-based studio PriestmanGoode specifically for the older generation.

Commissioned for an exhibition called the “New Old” at the London Design Museum earlier this year, the scooter combines a storage compartment with a scooter board with wheels to help facilitate mobility and encourage more physical activity.

Even though it was conceived to be useful across all ages and also accompany one’s life through the years (as the name suggests) the scooter features enhanced components like two large wheels in the front, a wide board that folds up, and a backpack-shaped storage area in the front for groceries and other items.

It’s also small enough when folded to be brought onto public transportation or into the home instead of being left outside. Additional options include a seat, electric power mode, even smart capabilities. Take a look.

Via: Dezeen