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Modern concrete homes designed as low-cost housing

The architect used a variety of textured concrete blocks and glass to form a series of considered spaces

low-cost concrete homes Photos by Gonzalo Viramonte via Designboom

Concrete is a remarkably versatile material used to make everything from wacky luxe abodes to brutalist coffee machines. But as we’ve seen before, concrete also provides a low-cost housing material with high-design impact. The latest example can be seen in this pair of humble homes in Rio Ceballos, Argentina.

Designed by architect Agustin Lozada, each 1,200-square-foot home effectively uses several styles of textured concrete block to create modern spaces while keeping costs low. The dwellings were funded by the government as housing for low-income families.

In true modernist fashion, the homes’ structural elements—foundation, beams, and partitions—are left exposed and integrated into the overall design. An exterior of punctured blocks creates a brise soleil on the facade, shielding a large glass wall from the sun and adding a bit of privacy while still letting in the natural light.

The interior was kept simple, with gray tile floors and exposed concrete walls. The front door opens into a short hallway giving off into the main open-plan living room, dining area, and kitchen. Further down the hall is an interior courtyard and two bedrooms with wall-sized windows opening onto the backyard.

Via: Designboom