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Dreamy jewel-toned London apartment could be yours for $785K

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Just look at those colors

Shot of small living room with two windows, dark green walls, hardwood floors with rug, and filled with plants, artwork, a couch, and other furniture.
The gorgeous color palette alone is enough to make us swoon.
Photos via The Modern House

Is this apartment the stuff of 600-square-foot dreams? Could this be the platonic ideal of a jewel box to call one’s own in one of the world’s great cities? Maybe.

All we know is that it more than fulfills many of the items on our real estate wish list, beginning with its gorgeous color palette, its efficient two-bedroom layout, and the integration of both traditional and contemporary accents.

Located in a “turn-of-the-century mansion block” in the Dalston district of East London, the residence is characterized by original architectural elements—hardwood floors as well as original solid-wood doors, sash windows, and skirting boards that have been stripped and left bare—that pair splendidly with newer fittings, as in the kitchen and bathroom.

In the sleek kitchen, marble makes up the counter and backsplash, with reclaimed tiles on the floor. The bathroom boasts a similar scheme, with marble tiles on the walls and floor. Currently, the flat is configured as a one-bedroom (painted a deep blue) with a study (finished in a lovely salmon pink) and a living room (done up in a rich green)—all arranged around a wide central hallway, painted white.

If any of this appeals to you, the Laura Fulmine-designed flat can be yours for £595,000, or about $785,000.

Via: The Modern House