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‘Trainy McTrainface’ becomes official name for Swedish train

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By now, you’d think countries would know not to crowdsource names

MTR Express train in Sweden
An MTR Express train.

Earlier this year, in a feat of willful naiveté, the Swedish transport company MTR Express turned to the public to name their new Stockholm-Gothenburg express trains. Did they learn nothing from the British public-naming hullabaloo in which the people voted to name a boat Boaty McBoatface? Apparently not.

As of Tuesday, Swedish commuters will be able to ride Trainy McTrainface. The name overwhelmingly won the popular vote—likely as retribution and vindication for Britain’s cruel decision to nix Boaty McBoatface in favor of naming the vessel after Sir David Attenborough. The Swedish transport company, at least, committed to following the will of the people.

"We saw pretty quickly that Trainy McTrainface was in the lead and the popular option. There was a bit of international attention on the vote, and I imagine that some people were quite delighted to get some revenge for the Boaty McBoatface thing," said MTR marketing chief Peter Nasfi.

The crowdsourced names of the route’s other trains include Ingvar (after a popular television presenter), Estelle (after Sweden’s Princess Estelle), and Glenn (after a long-standing joke that everyone in Gothenburg is named Glenn).

Via: Atlas Obscura, The Local