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Expandable tiny house pops out for extra space

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A bedroom and a living room?

expandable tiny house All photos courtesy Zero Squared

We’ve seen some pretty “extra” tiny houses lately, including the one with a sunroom and another with a greenhouse. Now comes something even more next-level: The Aurora from Canadian builder ZeroSquared comes with twin motorized pop-out rooms, creating over 374 square feet of living and storage space in a 26-foot tiny house.

For those following closely, ZeroSquared first introduced the Aurora concept last October. A year later, they’ve built out a demo model (pictured here) and delivered their first unit to a customer in Colorado.

The Aurora is a departure from the typical tiny house layout, wherein spaces are slotted one after another as if you’re living in one long hallway. Instead, the slide-outs create a wider main living space at the center of the house, which can fit a Queen-size Murphy bed on the bedroom/office side and a sofa and flatscreen TV on the living room side. The kitchen, which has a full-size sink, fridge, and cabinets, and the bathroom make up the two ends of the house.

The Aurora, featuring walls and roof made of structural insulated panels, is priced at $88,900 for a fully outfitted model, shipping not included. Optional upgrades range from off-grid solar power systems to a composting toilet. Each unit will take about six to eight weeks to build.