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Amazon Treasure Truck now in 25 U.S. cities

Not every city will get an Amazon HQ, but at least they could get a Treasure Truck?

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Amazon Treasure Truck Amazon

As Amazon gets cities riled up with the tantalizing prospect of a second North American HQ and 50,000 new jobs (and rent increases), it’s also expanding its national footprint on a much smaller scale: Treasure Trucks.

Now operating in 25 U.S. cities, Amazon’s Treasure Trucks are essentially mobile pop-up shops with a new location each time they’re restocked. Aspiring “treasure hunters” first have to sign up to receive notifications about their local truck’s curated rotation of discounted items. If they see something they like, they buy it online and pick it up in person at the truck.

The truck program started in 2016 in Seattle and the latest expansion brings it to cities including Sacramento, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, and Denver.

As Amazon spokesperson Ali Griffiths puts it to the Denver Post: “What will happen is three to four times a month, Denverites who subscribe for notifications through the Amazon app will get an alert to their phones letting them know about the day’s offer.”

Past Treasure Truck deals can be peeped at this Twitter account—recent offers have included a few home tech buys including smart lightbulbs for 40 percent off and a smart thermostat for 30 percent off.

Via: Denver Post