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Shipping containers stack up into striking ski resort lodge


shipping container ski resort Photos by via Inhabitat

Hotels. All kinds of homes. A kindergarten. Urban farms. A restaurant. Pop-up banks. Is there anything shipping containers can’t be recycled into? The answer continues to swing towards “no” as we present to you Guadrum Ski and Yoga Resort, newly built in the Caucasus mountains of Georgia.

Comprising entirely of repurposed containers clad in wooden panels, the resort rises higher and a bit more precariously than its container architecture predecessors. The container units, forming the common areas on the first floor as well as the guest rooms above, are stacked five levels high, pyramid style, with steel posts for support underneath.

Furnishings, from beds to built-in shelves and a bar, are mostly wood for a warm feel. Each guest room comes with a glass wall opening up to a deck with astounding mountain views. Guests can also enjoy yoga classes and a sauna. Take a closer look, below.

Via: Inhabitat