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Tiny backyard studio lets architect keep an eye on his kid

So cute

backyard studio Ashlea Wessel via Six Four Five A

In Toronto, the backyard “shoffice” trend continues with Garden Studio, a 100-square-foot workspace designed by architect Oliver Dang, founder of local firm Six Four Five A. Dang and his spouse wanted an office space separated from the rest of their house, but also with a view on the grassy play area of their one-year-old child.

Situated at the very back of the garden, the small studio takes up nearly its entire width. The small structure is clad in cedar slats, which match the cedar planks used for the surrounding fence.

A small porch provides enough space for a chair or two. Inside, a piece of salvaged Carrara marble delineates the threshold of the one-room studio, which is paneled in plywood. Exposed vertical studs provide support for a wall of bookshelves. An architect’s drawing board is placed beneath the square window overlooking the garden.

A vaulted ceiling with two skylights provides a sense of spaciousness and brings in ample natural light above the built-in, standing-height computer desk. Beneath the desk is a custom storage setup reducing the amount of visible clutter and freeing up floorspace.

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Via: Inhabitat