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Modern Japanese chapel by the beach is all windows

Like an A-frame on steroids, with windows all around to bring in ocean views

Shot of pointy gabled roof with window panes covering both sides and the space below the point, with palm trees surrounding it.
The chapel boasts a soaring roof that’s nearly all skylights.
Photos by Daici Ano via Designboom

An A-frame on steroids of sorts, this triangular structure features windows on all sides, specially designed to frame ocean and beach views of the site on which it is built.

Tokyo-based firm General Design designed the building as a wedding chapel in the small village of Ginoza on Okinawa Island in Japan, part of a larger complex that also includes a banquet hall and beach pavilion.

The reinforced concrete-and-glass construction is characterized by a tall, gabled roof nearly entirely covered in skylights comprising panes of blue-colored glass of varying dimensions. This motif of glass repeats elsewhere: on one gable end that is all glazed, and on the sides, where full-height windows further blur the indoor-outdoor connection.

To enhance the breeziness of the soaring space, the interiors are made up of high-gloss, white tiled floors, white walls, and pale wood pews and window frames, with the exterior featuring similar details: a wood-paneled entrance and side door, as well as white-painted concrete walls.

As for the site, palm trees, lawns, gardens, and, of course, the beach, create an oasis-like setting that would make for a picturesque wedding venue. Have a look.

Via: Designboom