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Cuboid concrete holiday home rises in northern Italy

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Surprisingly cozy for a Brutalist-inspired building

A blocky structure with dark grey walls and square windows sits on a grassy site.
The cuboid structure is defined by a single double-height volume.
Photos via Dezeen

A cuboid concrete building in northern Italy makes a surprisingly cozy holiday home in Valverde in northern Italy’s Lombardy region for a Milanese couple who wanted a country retreat.

Designed by 35a Studio di Architettura, the two-story, 120-square-meter (1,292 square feet) home features square windows, a roof formed by rotating a traditional roof ridge 45 degrees, and a single double-height volume.

The result is an angular structure whose airy, open spaces allow sunlight to pour in through the aforementioned windows and sliding glass doors. The slope of the roofline also creates a mezzanine space beneath it comprising a sleeping area, while the bathroom is contained within a “box” by the staircase. The kitchen and dining area are located on the first floor, with direct access to a graveled yard.

The minimalist, Brutalist-inspired residence employs just a handful of materials, including raw concrete on the walls and polished concrete on the floors, glass, and wood. Its efficient layout contributes to the warmth of the space despite the rough interiors.

Via: Dezeen