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Cat furniture takes center stage in Japanese campaign

“Craftsman Made” highlights the skills of Okawa’s furniture makers

A cat sleeps on a miniaturized version of a human bed in what looks like a mini human bedroom.
If it’s good enough for a cat, it’s good enough for a human.
Photos via Okawa Kagu

The Japanese city of Okawa, located in the Fukuoka Prefecture, has launched a campaign to reinvigorate its legacy as a hub of professional furniture-making craftsmen. The campaign’s star, however, isn’t one of the region’s many artisans, but a cat.

Called “Craftsman Made,” the campaign was produced by Okawa Kagu, an association of a dozen craftspeople, to highlight the skills and design aesthetics of Okawa’s furniture makers.

And what better way to get people excited than to miniaturize real furniture pieces for our feline friends?

As its website explains, cats are “capricious” and “free-spirited,” and always “greedy” for a comfortable spot. If the group is able to produce furniture that would satisfy even the pickiest, most selfish of cats, then it has proven the quality of its “outstanding craftsmanship.”

“Craftsman Made” features two pieces, a wood-framed “feline sofa” by Hiromatsu Furniture, and a bed by Tateno Mokuzai (aka Tateyoshi Wood Crafts). The pieces are available directly through each company and will be displayed at Okawa’s tourism center. Pet furniture—it’s officially a thing.

Via: Designboom, Spoon & Tomago