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Snap up this darling caboose home for $52K

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Get your tiny home dreams back on track

converted caboose home All photos via

Meet Side Trak, a 1910-built train caboose that chugged along for more than 60 years in Southern New England on the Central Vermont's line before finally being converted into a sweet family retreat in 1974. The cozy 228-square-foot home is now on the market for $51,500.

It comes with enough sleeping surfaces to accommodate five adults, as well as a three-quarter bath, and kitchenette with electric stove, microwave, and mini fridge. Interior shots show painted wood paneling and wood floors.

The home is currently sitting in a rail car enclave in Conway, New Hampshire, at a site that rents for $95 a month. It can also be moved by rail if you can get an engine to pull it. Due to its weight, it will have to live on railroad tracks unless having a caboose house half-sunken into the earth is your thing. As the listing aptly puts it, “This is not for everybody but it sure is a great opportunity for a vacation home if you have just a speck of adventure in your soul.”