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Micro housing concept imagines reconfigurable rooms


reconfigurable hotel concept All photos by Ossip van Duivenbode via Dezeen

What appears at first as a whimsical take on tiny living is actually a dynamic experiment in the future of urban housing. (W)ego, just installed at Eindhoven’s Market Square for this year’s Dutch Design Week, is a reconfigurable multi-unit concept, designed by the boundary-pushing Dutch firm MVRDV.

The structure comprises nine different “rooms” of varying colors, shapes, and themes, suitable for different kinds of tenants. There’s a vertical green space dominated by ladders and a hammock, a multi-level pink space with a cut-out cubby, and a blue space’s much more horizontally inclined. The main idea here is that in the future, if urban dweller must live small and dense, they’ll need to negotiate their own spaces. (W)ego—its name puts a communal spin on “ego”—is an exercise in this kind of flexible housing.

On show until the end of Dutch Design Week on October 29, (W)ego is just one of many recent explorations in tiny and highly vertical dwellings.

Via: Dezeen