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David Adjaye’s Lost House is a striking jewel box

A most unusual home

Interior shot of a living area painted completely black illuminated by a glazed courtyard.
“Lost House” is illuminated by light wells.
Photos via The Modern House

It’s not every day you get to peek inside a David Adjaye-designed private residence, let alone the striking Lost House, a project the Ghanaian British architect completed in 2004.

Located in the heart of King’s Cross, the unassuming home is located in what was essentially an alley. In a tour of the space by way of The Modern House, Jessica Robinson, who lives there with her husband Brian (who bought the home in 2008), described its unique layout:

There’s only one external window so the main space is lit by the three light wells that run through the central living area. It is designed in such a way that the light is endlessly reflected through mirrors and reflective surfaces that are set within the walls.

The main space of the home is an expansive living area that includes a kitchen and dining area and is illuminated by the aforementioned windows, a central courtyard, and a water garden. A sunken cinema is found on one side of the living area.

On the upper level are a guest bedroom and the master bedroom, alongside which a lap pool runs. Each of these rooms is painted a different color, while the rest of the house is finished in black, including the black resin floors.

The couple intends to preserve Adjaye’s design, which includes a surprising mix of colors and materials. “The combinations in his palettes create brilliant textures and contrasts,” Robinson said. “There are great juxtapositions in the rough chipboard and the resin floor, the raw concrete counter tops and the smooth leather upholstery.”

Lost House has to be seen to be truly appreciated, so without further ado, I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Via: The Modern House