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Ugo Rondinone’s House No. 1 is on the market for $5.35M

The House No. 1 was conceived as a “total work of art”

Simple prefab timber home with corrugated metal roof and latticed windows amid nature.
“The House No. 1” was created as a “total work of art.”
Photos via The Spaces

A unique artist’s home conceived in conjunction with architects Andreas Fuhrimann and Gabrielle Hächler has come on the market in Würenlos, Switzerland.

But “The House No. 1” is not your ordinary house, nor is it just a residence. Created by Swiss-born artist Ugo Rondinone as a “Gesamtkunstwerk”—German for “total work of art”—it was meant to be the ultimate place to live but also to work.

As such, each element of the pavilion-like structure was custom-made, with several features that reference the artist’s own work, like a fireplace that is a replica of a piece by Rondinone that has been exhibited all over the world.

The building itself is unassuming but harmonious. A simple prefab timber construction is topped by a corrugated-metal roof, with tall latticed windows, French doors, and skylights that usher in plenty of natural light while also opening up the space to its surrounding terraces and gardens.

Inside the two-story 400-square-meter (4,300 square feet) residence are expansive living and working spaces, including three bedrooms (one of which can be used as a studio), three bathrooms and a sauna, two outdoor showers, and three fireplaces. Floors are made up of wide-plank boards, with walls finished in white plaster sealed with beeswax. For those looking to live within a work of art, House No. 1 can be yours for $5.35 million.

Via: The Spaces