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Baccarat Hotel will soon offer a ‘crystal menu’

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The fancy hotel is launching a new line of business

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Baccarat Hoel in New York with crystal chandeliers
Baccarat Hotel.
Photos via Baccarat Hotel

New York’s Baccarat Hotel has been dripping with crystal since it opened in 2015. The lobby is lined with 1,800 sparkling glasses. Crystal chandeliers glitter above the upstairs bar where you can drink from crystal champagne flutes. Now, all that glitzy glass will be for sale. Even the lobby’s $216,600 crystal chandeliers!

Apparently it’s been Baccarat’s plan all along to use the hotel as more than a swanky retreat for the rich. The French glass manufacturer had always planned to use the space as a showroom of sorts for the company’s high-end glassware, according to Bloomberg.

Now, visitors to the hotel’s bar or lounge will be given a menu of 180 for-sale crystal items after they get the one for food and drink. “The server will take your food and drink order, and then ask, ‘May I take your crystal order?’” said Hermann Elger, chief operating officer of Baccarat Hotels and Resorts. Purchases appear on the same receipt as the meal and will be shipped directly to their destination.

It’s not totally uncommon for hotels to capitalize on visitors’ stays to hawk branded wares. Westin sells mattresses and bedding. Marriott sells robes and towels. So why not exquisite glass?

Via: Bloomberg