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This concrete coffee machine is a Brutalist beauty

Brutal coffee for a brutal world

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concrete coffee machine Montaag

Brutalism—the architectural style people love to hate—helped inspire the blocky concrete shell of this next-level espresso maker. Designed by multidisciplinary studio Montaag, the AnZa coffee machine is the perfect concrete appliance to pair with your too-cool-for-school concrete abode. The cafe-quality espresso machine was fully funded on Kickstarter recently, raising upwards of $145,000.

“We wanted to elevate the at-home coffee experience by treating an appliance like a sculpture, making it earn its valuable bit of real estate on your kitchen counter,” said the company in its Kickstarter video.

The concrete shell was prototyped by developing a flexible 10-piece mold. Montaag designers then used a range of concrete mixes and techniques to perfect their design. “We settled on a concrete mix without chemical additives, which gave us the raw, Brutalist look we were going for,” they said.

While the concrete model seems to be getting all the attention, the AnZa also comes in a clean-lined white Corian. Both machines have vintage-style porcelain knobs and brass and wood accents.

Intrigued? Preorders have moved over to Indiegogo as Montaag prepares for production, expected to begin in December. A single concrete AnZa starts at an eye-watering $799, with delivery anticipated for March 2018.

Via: ArchDaily