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Studio 804 designed this eco-friendly home on an infill site in Kansas

This eco-friendly home was built using reclaimed materials

Exterior shot of flat-roofed home with dark grey paneled walls and a steel screen on one half of the front and running along the side, with a manicured front lawn and concrete steps leading up to entrance.
The home at 1330 Brook Street is ADA-compliant.
Photos via Dezeen

Studio 804 has completed a sustainable home in an urban infill site in East Lawrence, Kansas, using repurposed materials and passive strategies for energy efficiency.

Measuring 1,300 square feet, the three-bedroom-two-bath house at 1330 Brook Street features low-cost materials including a metal panel cladding system salvaged from a nearby project.

Studio 804, a nonprofit program of the University of Kansas Department of Architecture committed to the “research and development of sustainable, affordable, and inventive building solutions,” conceived the project with students in their final year of architecture school.

The simple rectangular structure boasts a modern design that is also unassuming within the context of the working-class neighborhood in which it is sited. A flat overhanging roof tops the home, while a steel screen providing coverage on the living room’s walls of glass becomes the most striking feature of the facade.

As for the interiors, an open-plan living area with access to a glazed patio, three bedrooms, two baths, and plenty of built-in storage are arranged on an efficient, flexible, and flowing floorplan, which is ADA-compliant and allows for “unrestricted mobility” across the entire square footage.

Other sustainable and passive energy elements include reclaimed cedar formerly used in a railroad trestle bridge, insulated glass, concrete floors, LED lighting, and solar panels, to name a few. Head on over to Dezeen to learn more.

Via: Dezeen