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Minimalist tiny sauna ‘floats’ above lake in Sweden

The space was designed for minimal environmental impact

floating sauna in Sweden Photos by Small Architecture Workshop via Inhabitat

It’s no giant golden egg, but this minimalist sauna in Åmot, Sweden, is still pretty sweet. The small sauna was commissioned by a bed and breakfast to offer a relaxing retreat without mucking up their pristine lakefront site. Milan-based firm Small Architecture Workshop came up with a cleverly compact structure built atop an existing wooden pier—resulting in minimal environmental impact.

The small sauna took about two weeks to build and appears to float calmly atop the lake. It’s clad in natural timber that’s been charred using the ever-more-popular Shou Sugi Ban technique, which burns the wood to make it more weather resistant.

Visitors enter through a small covered anteroom of sorts on the side, providing a place to change as well as firewood storage. The front of the sauna is entirely glass, offering a full view of the lake. The interior is paneled in natural alder wood. Two rows of tiered benches accommodate up to eight people.

Via: Inhabitat