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1950s cargo ship transforms into bright modern home

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The formerly rusting hull now holds a sweet floating abode

cargo ship turned home Photos by ANA architecten via Inhabitat

While most boat-to-house conversions keep the linear shotgun-style layout of rooms onboard, this stunning renovation in Amsterdam completely reimagined the interior of a 1957 cargo ship. The result is a spacious and open modern home with all the mobile benefits of #boatlife.

The ship’s owner commissioned local Amsterdam firm ANA architecten to essentially create a traditional home aboard the boat—but one that takes advantage of the city’s canal views. First, the ship had to be shortened in order to fit its docking space. But the massive alterations offered an opportunity to completely gut and rework the boat’s interior.

cargo ship turned home

The open floor plan creates sight lines through the entire interior, focusing on the central kitchen and living room space, which takes up the boat’s full height of nearly 15 feet. Clerestory windows ring this room, bringing in ample light without sacrificing privacy.

More windows were also added to the wheelhouse, and the old existing aluminum-framed windows were replaced by double-glazed panes with handmade mahogany frames.

The master bedroom functions as a more private, autonomous living space with its own pantry, bathroom, and small sitting area. The wheelhouse and a new outdoor patio were designed as secondary living rooms. Concrete floors, white walls, and natural wood paneling throughout gives the home a clean, contemporary feel.

Via: Inhabitat