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College campus gets trippy, beautiful installation of 130 round mirrors

It’s named “Wa-Wa,” after the Japanese philosophy of harmony

convex mirrors installation All photos by Nanne Springer

Students walking between classes at the University of Toronto’s St. George campus are likely to have noticed the 130 round mirrors encircling one of the school’s lawns. Slightly convex, each mirror looks like an oversized drop of water reflecting a warped image of the surrounding scenery.

Created by the reflection-loving Canadian architecture studio UUfie—who also designed of this bonkers mirror-clad cottage—the installation is meant to spark moments of playful interaction and spontaneity...and probably selfies.

The title of the site-specific work, “Wa-Wa,” was named for the Japanese philosophy of harmony or peaceful unity. There are a number of harmonious aspects to the design—from the circular shape of each mirror to their arrangement to the reflection of the quad’s trees and buildings. But “wa” is also a social concept applied to harmonious communities.

The installation was commissioned for the University of Toronto’s Making Models exhibition, which features models and prototypes from nine artist and architect groups.

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