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Prefab cabin is all wood, glass, and mountain views

It’s ready to hygge

prefab modern cabin in New Hampshire All photos by Matt Delphenich via Inhabitat

Behold, the dream winter cabin, courtesy of Boston-area architecture firm I-Kanda. Perching a bit precariously over a granite outcrop, the sleek “Cabin on the Rock” combines sweeping views of New Hampshire’s famous White Mountains with modern comfort.

What originally began as a weekend retreat for two then had to make room for two kids, and the design of the cabin was recalibrated accordingly. The diagram below offers an peek inside the design process, illustrating exactly why the home looks the way it does—from the raised roof to add a loft to a recessed front facade for sneaking in a deck.

To minimize impact on the site, the 900-square-foot abode sits on nine hand-poured concrete footings. The structure itself was made with prefabricated frames, which were precut by Bensonwood and delivered to the mountain site for assembly.

Inside, ample glazing, including a 24-foot sliding window wall, brings in endless mountain views, while wooden ceilings, walls, and floors provide some warmth.

Via: Inhabitat