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Converted Sprinter van is a cozy tiny home on wheels

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It cost $23,000 to build

This custom camper van is a converted 2012 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 313 and took 13 weeks to build.
Photos courtesy of This Moving House

Adventure vans and campers are a hot commodity these days, with some motorhomes costing over a million dollars. Of course, pricey models that spin or unfold at a push of the button are likely not an option for most of us, so more and more #vanlife wannabes are going the DIY route.

In Oxford, England, Jack Richens and his girlfriend Lucy Hedges worked over 600 hours to convert this 2012 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter into a cozy tiny home on wheels. And while we’ve seen plenty of awesome van builds—like this pricey one from Outside Van—the style and finishes of this particular van are more like a house or boat than a camper.

Documented on the blog This Moving House, the 151-square-foot interior has a kitchen with a two-burner stove, sink, and fridge. The four-person dining area uses rotating captain seats that swivel around, and there are plenty of storage spaces stashed throughout the van.

The most innovative feature is the bed system, which uses a three-berth design to comfortably sleep a family of four. The parents sleep on a full-size bed while the kids each get a bunk in a layered design that maximizes space. A small porthole provides extra light for the top kiddo, and the finishes walls add to the coziness.

Light woods, white paneling, and blue accents keep the color palette clean and simple. The rear of the van—decorated with a playful drawing of griaffes—provides storage for surfboards at the bottom and a few other gear items. In total, the conversion (after the cost of the van) cost the couple around $23,300. That’s certainly not the cheapest build we’ve seen, but it is much less expensive than the bespoke vans at Outside Van or Sportsmobile.

The couple has received so much positive feedback from their own build that they are now taking commissions from other vans. Head over here for more.

From the outside, the van looks similar to most Sprinters on the road.
Photos courtesy of This Moving House
The captain’s chairs double as a dining area.
Photos courtesy of This Moving House
A small kitchen and sleeping quarters for four.
Photos courtesy of This Moving House
An ingenious way to maximize space and keep track of messy shoes.
Photos courtesy of This Moving House
The sleeping area works for a family.
Photos courtesy of This Moving House
An adorable loft area for the kids to sleep in.
Photos courtesy of This Moving House
The back of the van has cute graphics and room to store your gear.
Photos courtesy of This Moving House