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Bright and airy ’70s home wants $650K outside London

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Looks contemporary, thanks to its timeless design

Rectangular volume with textured clay-like walls props above a smaller brick-walled volume, creating two carports on either side.
The main floor appears to float above a smaller volume.
Photos via The Modern House

Here’s a 1970s-built home in Langley, a village in the Maidstone district of Kent, England, that feels totally of its era. Designed by architect Patrick O’Keefe, the residence is made up of a rectangular volume propped on a smaller one, where a study, utility room, and a garage reside.

Upstairs, the main floor features a clean white-walled interior with pale wooden floors. Large windows and a flowing floorplan create a sunny space, which includes an expansive L-shaped living and dining area, a spacious kitchen, three sizable bedrooms, and, a bathroom.

Well maintained and refurbished over the years, the approximately 1,800-square-foot feels contemporary, too, owing in part to its timeless design. The interiors also create a striking contrast against the textured facade, which boasts brick walls on the bottom floor, and a geometrically patterned covering on the second.

The seemingly floating main floor creates two carports below it on either side, but these can be filled out, as the listing suggests, if desired. The property, which is offered at £495,000, or about $650,000, also features beautifully manicured lawns and gardens. Have a look.

Via: The Modern House