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Architects designed these next-level shelters for homeless cats

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architect-designed cat shelters Photos by Meghan Bob Photography via ArchDaily

Don’t act surprised. We’re in a golden mewment of pet design, seen in everything from Ikea’s first pet collection to Craftsman Made” cat furniture, self-built cat towers, more curvy cat furniture, a cat design show, not to mention Zaha Hadid Architects’ high-design kennel.

For several years, architects have been helping Los Angeles’s homeless cat population by designing bonkers cat houses for Giving Shelter, an exhibition and benefit auction that raises money for FixNation, a nonprofit that spays and neuters homeless cats.

White Jack by Abramson Teiger Architects
Meghan Bob Photography

This year, 12 architectural teams built 13 one-of-a-kind cat houses, ranging from Abramson Teiger Architects’ modernist jack-like structure to what looks like an enormous moss ball from Formation Association, Terremoto Landscape, and Arktura. Meanwhile, the angular shelter from Knowhow Shop could be a repurposed architectural model.

Several of the teams used what looks like CNC-milled plywood. HKS’s fish-shaped shelter topped by bird houses is very clever, if not the most comfortable looking.

Flora-Gato by Formation Association, Terremoto Landscape, and Arktura
Meghan Bob Photography

“This year’s cat shelters were extraordinarily creative, and the designers put a great deal of time and thought into how cats would actually interact with the shelters,” said FixNation Co-Founder and Executive Director Karn Myers. “They are truly works of art with a practical application, and all the shelters are showcased in our online auction as well.”

UnFURled by Perkins + Will
Meghan Bob Photography
Meghan Bob Photography

Check out all the designs here.

Via: ArchDaily