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Rugged off-road camper sports a surprisingly fancy interior

At $250K, this burly truck can go anywhere

The Siberian is an off-road-capable camper from Tiger Adventure Vehicles.
The Siberian is an off-road-capable camper from Tiger Adventure Vehicles.
All photos courtesy of Tiger Adventure Vehicles

If you’ve been coveting an off-road camper but don’t want to skimp on luxury, take a look at The Siberian by South Carolina-based Tiger Adventure Vehicles. Built on either a Ford F550 or Ram 5500 chassis, the Siberian can travel almost any rugged terrain, whether you’re chasing a high-altitude sunset or stargazing in the desert.

The truck comes standard with four-wheel drive, skid plates, and upgraded shocks to make strenuous road conditions a breeze. High-ground clearance means it can manage rocks or deep snow, and buyers can also choose to upgrade the front bumper guards, winch, and halogen off-road lights.

Those are impressive features, but no different from a lot of burly campers out there. Where the Siberian stands apart is that all of those off-road qualities are combined with a luxurious and spacious interior. Multi-week camp trips won’t seem so hard thanks to a king or queen-sized bed, dry bath, and tons of storage. The Siberian also boasts a stainless-steel sink, microwave, fridge, granite counter tops, an entertainment system, bamboo cabinetry, and standard recessed LED lighting.

The camper is powered by 900-amp hours of maintenance-free AGM batteries and 6000-watts of solar power. The batteries charge quickly while driving thanks to dual-engine alternators, and the furnace, water heater, and stove top run on the all-diesel platform.

All that luxury doesn’t come cheap and this burly trailer is definitely one of the most expensive campers on the market. Whichever truck chassis you choose, the 2017 Siberian base price—which includes the truck—costs $248,500. Upgraded tires, storage, bumpers will cost extra, but what’s a few more thousand dollars when you’re already spending that much? The campers are sold directly from company headquarters in Columbia, South Carolina, so head over here for more.

The main living area of the Siberian.
Looking into the kitchen area from the truck cab.
Slightly different finishes on a custom-designed Siberian.
A view into the queen or king size bed and cab of the truck.
A sunlight sits above the large sleeping area.
The pass through into the cab area.