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Cope makes dreamy home goods inspired by art, science, and nature

Prepare to be relaxed

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floral pillow cover
The Flora design in “Azalea.”
All photos courtesy Cope

Brooklyn-based studio Calico Wallpaper makes some of the most mesmerizing wall coverings around. And now, founders Rachel and Nick Cope have transported their organic, experimental, almost otherworldly aesthetic into a new sister studio for textiles and home goods.

Simply named Cope, the new brand introduces ethereal designs printed on all-natural Belgian linen, available by the yard or as pillows and bespoke curtains. At a press preview, Nick Cope explained that the new studio is all about channeling the Calico ethos—that is, handcrafted explorations inspired by natural landscapes, scientific phenomena, and artistic techniques—into more tangible products.

Cope’s pIllows start at $245 and fabric by the yard start at $165.

Cope is launching with four designs, each available in multiple colorways. There’s Aurora, a sumptuous gradient pattern translated from an existing Calico wallpaper design of the same name. The Flora pattern makes intricate botanical studies feel dream-like—in other words, floral without being too floral. Palette is a very literal and satisfying rendering of brushstrokes, while Sumi references the eponymous ancient art of Japanese marbling.

It’s a #mood galore, as if each piece should come with its own playlist.