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7 director-inspired bedrooms for the design-savvy movie lover

Would you inhabit one of these film-inspired realms?

Image of bedroom with round doorway and window frame decorated with celtic-inspired motifs and much foliage.
Behold the Peter Jackson Suite.
Images courtesy of HomeAdvisor

Whether a Hobbit-inspired tiny house, or a perfectly pink restaurant reminiscent of a hotel in a certain Wes Anderson movie, real-life reminders of our favorite flicks are always a delight.

But what would it look like to do up a room based on the aesthetics of iconic directors, whose command of mood, color, and aesthetics often begets unforgettable, indelible images that occupy our imaginations for years?

Something a little like these renderings that home-improvement digital marketplace HomeAdvisor conjured.

From horror to anime to fantasy, these concepts show that the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating the set of the movie version of your dream life.

Here are seven renderings that span genres, from some of the world’s most beloved directors including Sofia Coppola, Hayao Miyazaki, Guillermo Del Toro, Dario Argento, Tim Burton, and, of course, Wes Anderson and Peter Jackson.

What do you think? Would you inhabit one of these film-inspired realms?

Courtesy of HomeAdvisor