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Wild West-themed tiny house yours for $120K

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Located in the movie set town of Pioneertown, CA

Tiny wood-framed home with covered front porch and stepped roof line and star decoration sitting on a desert site.
The tiny house throws it back to the founding days of Pioneertown.
Photos courtesy of Cherie Miller & Associates

Pioneertown, California—the name has a certain Old West ring to it, no? That’s because the tiny town was incorporated in 1947 as a literal movie set by a group of Hollywood investors including Roy Rogers and Gene Autry, complete with 1880s-style “false-front” facades.

Now a tiny house that could pass for a Wild-West saloon or sheriff’s office is on the market in this sleepy Southern California town that counted 350 residents as of 2006.

Measuring 150 square feet, the home, which is essentially a wood-framed shed, is truly teeny. It accommodates just a lounge area with a lofted sleep mezzanine. There’s also a covered porch along the front facade, providing additional space to hang out. Plus a solar energy system.

You may notice that there isn’t any plumbing to be found—or a well. That means no bathroom, and no kitchen. But the desert site on which it’s located measures 2.65 acres and includes a corral, which should be enough space in which to put your pioneering spirit to use.

But it’s going to cost you. Located on Saddle Lane, the property is asking $120,000.

Courtesy of Cherie Miller & Associates (h/t Estately)