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Orijeen’s color-changing furniture is kind of genius


color-changing furniture Photos via Designboom

Seoul-based design studio Orijeen has created a pair of eye-popping storage cabinets infused with color. The items in their new “Color Flow” collection are covered with a ridged lenticular surface that refracts the light from a color gradient beneath it depending on your angle to the piece. This creates the wild illusion that the furniture pieces are changing color as you move around them.

The color-shifting pieces are meant to make people more aware of their relationships with inanimate objects, which is a larger goal of the studio as a whole.

The small sideboard is shown in hues ranging from pink to purple and blue, while the taller wardrobe covers blue, green, and yellow. The collection’s simple lines and rounded ends help make it feel at once elegant and whimsical.

Via: Designboom