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Fantastic indoor park will bring out your inner child

Neobio Family Park is awash in pastels and whimsy

Interior photo of cafe-cum-playground with slide going into a ball pit, large balloon-like structures hanging from the ceiling, and cafe seating, all done up with bright colors, shapes, and patterns.
Neobio’s indoor playground and dining space.
Photos by Shao Feng via Designboom

Speaking of kid-friendly spaces, this pastel-colored indoor amusement park in Shanghai, China, is a veritable fantasy land for children.

Neobio Family Park was designed by local firm X+Living and occupies two “European” style buildings in the suburban distract of Minhang. There are five distinct spaces within, including a library, restaurant, climbing room, a miniature city, and a party room, all of which are decorated in vibrant hues, patterns, and shapes.

The forest-themed reading room is located just beyond the entrance and features wavy bookshelves. It’s peppered with curved nooks, pods, and entryways that are meant to mimic hills.

Beyond that is a miniature city replete with an urban system of roads, zebra crossings, street lamps, and parking lots. A three-story home, post office, gas station, supermarket, and hospital complete the scene.

For older kids, there’s an indoor playground with slides, climbing racks, and a huge maze snaking around a dining space, where families can enjoy a meal. Crawlways and “game boxes” are also found throughout the space. The basement holds themed party rooms.

Curious? Head to X+Living’s website for more photos.

Via: Designboom