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Ikea’s Space10 lab is rethinking coliving and wants your help

A research survey, masquerading as housing application

A sparse, minimalist living room in New York City with grey couches, a television set, and windows looking over the city skyline.
The living area of a Common space in Chicago.

Space10, essentially the future-facing R&D arm of Ikea, has been exploring everything from food-producing algae domes to artificial intelligence and spherical urban gardens.

Their latest project looks to coliving solutions for housing the anticipated influx of city-dwellers—according to Space10, another 1.7 billion people will be added to the population by 2030, and more than 70 percent of the globe will live in cities. The last several years have seen a boom in coliving services from WeWork’s WeLive to Common, Krash, and Roam. But before jumping into the fray, Space10 wants to do its homework.

Survey topics.
Interactive survey results.

The lab’s new survey, One Shared House 2030, seeks to gather more information on shared living and existing urban housing issues like affordability and loneliness. Created in collaboration with design studio Anton & Irene, the project’s colorful site asks visitors to apply for a spot in a co-living facility for the year 2030 and share their preferences on topics like rooms, commuting, housemates, and pets.

“Coliving isn't new, but as both space and time are increasingly becoming a luxury, the concept needs a revamp,” said Space10's Guillaume Charny-Brunet. “Space10 is going on a journey to explore the potential of coliving to better the lives of city dwellers across the planet.”

You can participate right here.

Via: Dezeen