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Swedish design gets its own online museum

This virtual museum focuses on Swedish design that matters

Three metal-framed homes in the woods.
Kaggeboda is countryside home for every season.
Kaggeboda, Swedish Design Museum by Visit Museum

For fans of Ikea and the minimalist aesthetic who can’t get enough of Swedish design, a new virtual museum celebrating all things, well, Swedish and design-related, has opened its digital doors to the public this week.

Swedish Design Museum, as it’s aptly called, was created by Visit Sweden and showcases the best of the Nordic country’s offerings in the fields of architecture, fashion, and design through online exhibitions, films, and live streams.

It is not your typical museum, the website announces, and it does not have a physical collection. Instead, it’s a virtual portal that focuses on “Swedish design that matters; to people’s everyday life, to the environment, and to the future,” accessible and free of charge to all.

The first exhibition, titled “Live from Sweden,” features eight design objects and provides a glimpse “into the ordinary everyday lives of actual Swedes” using them. The “objects” include a residential building made entirely out of renewable material, a wireless cube speaker, the Plug Lamp, a high-visibility bag, and a ramen bowl.

For a virtual walk-through, head on over to the museum.

The One Happy Cloud ramen bowl.
One Happy Cloud, Swedish Design Museum by Visit Museum
The Plug Lamp.
Plug Lamp, Swedish Design Museum by Visit Museum