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Gorgeous home goods collection celebrates the rituals of coffee

Inspired by coffee harvesting and cantina culture

home goods inspired by coffee Samaná

Samaná is a coffee-centric collaboration between Mexican designer José Bermúdez and Colombian designers Vrokka and Fango Studio. The team wanted to reflect local coffee culture and help create new rituals by supplying a kit of delightful objects used to prepare pour-overs.

The set of spoons, cups, coffee jars, plates, and filter holder are kept within an ash-wood box elevated to counter height on a sleek metal stand. The box was designed to echo the the shape of the wooden boxes used by coffee harvesters when choosing the best beans, as well as evoke the countertop of a cantina, “a meeting point to discuss while they prepare some drinks.”

The box’s interior is covered in a warm brown leather, and its lid is made of steel to serve as a workspace for coffee prep. Inside are carefully crafted ceramic canisters for storing beans, ceremonial wooden spoons for measuring grounds, cream-colored ceramic mugs, and circular wooden plates. The conical filter holder is also made of ash wood.

“Nowadays there are many methods to prepare coffee,” the designers write. The Samaná objects were designed to encourage people to brew coffee by hand, “making a special bound between the user and coffee ritual, using all your senses.”

Via: Dezeen