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Google Maps is getting a makeover

The redesign “better reflects your world, right now”

Image showing three phone screens showing three different maps.
Driving, navigation, transit, and explore maps will better reflect what’s going on in the moment.
Via Google

Google announced this week that it will be giving Google Maps, the web mapping service that launched in 2005, a fresh new look “that better reflects your world, right now.”

First up, the search giant is working on getting the driving, navigation, transit, and explore maps more up to speed with the things that matter most to users, like highlighting gas stations and train stations, as well as improving driving and transit directions.

And an updated color scheme and new icons allow users to more quickly identify relevant spots of interest, whether that’s a cafe, church, hospital, or museum. Each place will have a designated color and icon: orange for food and drink, for example, green for outdoor venues, and purple for services like banks and hotels.

The changes will roll out over the next few weeks across all Google platforms that include Google Maps, allowing savvy explorers an even more efficient way to get out there.

Via: Fast Company