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Flatpack furniture startup Burrow targets millennial nomads with latest launch

The launch includes an ottoman and chaise

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Seven months after launching their easily shipped and assembled sofa line, furniture startup Burrow is expanding its efforts to shake up the traditional furniture industry.

The company is now offering a chaise module and ottoman, and appears to have slightly revamped its core product with firmer foam than the initial batches.

Additionally, Burrow is using new fabric that’s undergone extensive wear-and-tear testing, including scratches from simulated 3D-printed animals claws. So purchasers can rest assured that their sofa will stand up to a few hundred fights with Fluffy.

Burrow hopes to hit the sweet spot of quality and affordability by offering a modular sofa suited to itinerant millennials. Shipping is free, and the sofa is guaranteed to arrive a week after purchase. According to the company, assembling the entire thing takes less than 10 minutes. And the price points aren’t bad, either, ranging from the $295 “Ottoman” to the $1,145 “Chaise Love Seat” and, the priciest, the $1,745 Chaise King Sofa.

“When we founded Burrow, our goal was to deliver a high end product that alleviated the pain points that accompany buying furniture,” says cofounder Stephen Kuhl. “In the short time since our launch, we’ve been able to do that with our sofa. With the addition of the chaise and ottoman, we are bringing even more comfort and convenience to our customers.”

Via: Burrow