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Prefab ‘cocoon’ concept designed for extreme glampers

That’s right—extreme glampers


We love a lavish nature experience as much as the next person. But there’s glamping and then there’s importing your own luxury prefab structure into the middle of a harsh salt-flat landscape.

Designed by French architect and civil engineer Christophe Benichou, the Lumishell is “a cocoon in the wilderness”—a kidney bean-shaped prefab dwelling that you can put outside. The concept design features a layout with a circular living room and bedroom, connected by a wedge-shaped kitchen and bathroom core.

The 430-square-foot dwelling’s key feature is its curved glass windows, which allow views out of its circular end rooms. These windows slide all the way back to turn the room into a semi-outdoor porch.

Gauzy white curtains can be pulled closed along the window walls for privacy. And the home’s unglazed walls are clad in white aluminum.

A Lumishell prefab can be ordered online, manufactured in a factory, transported by truck to its destination, and assembled in 4-5 days, on site. The structures are currently on pre-order with delivery slated for 2018.

Via: Inhabitat