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The Lego House will host a family for an overnight stay

Have brickfast in bed

A living room scene with two armchairs, a cat, and a wall of frames and objects.
Armchairs and cats made from Legos!
Photos courtesy of Lego

Here’s your chance to stay in the Bjarke Ingels-designed Lego House in Denmark—free of charge—courtesy of Airbnb.

Located in Billund, Denmark (the Lego Group’s home-base), the 130,000-square-foot building, which is now open to the public, will host a group or family of two to four people for one night later this month.

Guests will have the run of the entire space to themselves, surrounded by 25 million Lego pieces and snoozing in specially designed bedrooms featuring beds “floating” in pools of Legos underneath colorful “waterfalls.”

But before going to bed, the lucky folks will get the chance to gallivant around the house, cozying up in armchairs made from Legos, cuddling with a teddy bear, even playing with a pet cat—made of Legos, of course.

There’s more: A master Lego builder will impart top-secret tips and tricks, and robot waiters will serve meals, which guests must build out of legos first. Guests will also get the opportunity to direct their own Lego movie, engineer robotic cars, and design cities.

All that is required to enter the competition is to answer the following question: “If you and your family had an infinite supply of Lego bricks, what would you build?”

What are you waiting for? Submit answers here by November 16 for a chance to win.